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    First proper ride


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    First proper ride

    Post  RushHour on Sat 27 Jun - 4:38

    in agges

    he was so good, but ella got some nastys so ill share them with you hahaha

    a bit pully and stuff but yeah, had the rein on the bottom ring with a martingale just incase, but I didnt need it at all, normally hes juston the snaffle bit

    and the sexy pictures


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    Re: First proper ride

    Post  Admin on Sat 27 Jun - 4:59

    My only thing would be if you are going to have a running martingale have it on the top rein, especailly if its with such a harsh bit.

    Also martingale and dutch gag = Fail.
    martingale to lower the head.
    dutch gag brings the head up.

    and that is all.
    hes looking really good =]

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