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    Fattening for dumbys


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    Post  RushHour on Sat 27 Jun - 3:44

    alright, have ou guys had a horse thats been bought in bad weight, or dropped weight that has had to be re fattened?
    how did you do it?

    I am feeding Sugarbeet (2 butter containers dry measure) a day
    4 butter containers of mitave breeda a day
    flexwell probiotic
    ricebran oil

    thats it haha I like to keep it simple, and im adding pryde ezyresult and whole barley on mon-tue so will see how that goes =]

    his progress(its taken alot of courge to put this ohk guys, he was bad, but it just happened, due to what i am pretty sure was a gut imbalance and maybe worms, he has been bomb drenched and is on probiotics now, also winter didnt help, and losing my grazing) in real life at all these times he looks better and worse in certian angles. Try not to kill m, I was up late worriing most nights, and I was really trying. but its finnally working =]

    start(this was him =[ , it killed me to see him like this)
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